Review: Her Gallant Captain at Waterloo by Diane Gaston

Publisher: Harlequin Historical

Publication Date: February 1, 22021

Pages: 238 pages

Rating 4.5 stars


Diane Gaston is truly blessed with her ability to bring to life history in the pages of her stories.  Her Gallant Captain at Waterloo does just that. Even with the possibility of battle looming, Lady Helene Barnes travels to Brussels to retrieve her irresponsible younger brother.  Her search for him brings her to Captain Rhys Landon, her former fiancé.  Rhys was not happy when their plans to marry were terminated, even if his now successful career in the military resulted.  Under less than a perfect situation they meet again and Rhys finds himself unable deny her the help she needs.  Spending time together brings back all the hidden feelings, but with everything going on can they build a life together?

The romance between Rhys and Helene grew under the looming threat of Napoleon’s return.  Reading the story took us back in time to an era we can only experience in the pages of a book.  It was exciting and adding in more than one romance made for an incredible story.  Life hardly ever goes as planned, a fact experienced by Helene and Rhys.  The ending was worth it all.  If you like historical romance with excitement, danger and a few twists than Her Gallant Captain at Waterloo is perfect for you.

Review: Once Dishonored by Mary Jo Putney

My Review

Lucas Mandeville, Lord Foxton, fought many battles during the war but now he faces the biggest one – the battle he fights with himself. He is sure someone will call him on his actions after years of imprisonment during the war.  He is sure this will happen at the ball he is attending.  Instead, he meets a young woman who appears just as scandalous as he considers himself.

Kendra Douglas knows she should not have come to the ball but she needs more in her life, more than just some help to clear her name.  Lucas comes to her aid at the ball and after hearing her story vows to help her.  While they investigate the horrible conspiracy against her, they find danger and more importantly love.

Once Dishonored really showcases how women were treated in the past.  Kendra had no rights and could not even testify on her own behalf.  Men were readily believed while women were not. She also had to endure all the humiliation of the lies her ex-husband told.  The beauty of the story is the reality that not all men are created equal – some are so much better.  Kendra finds one and now must find a way to keep him.  Lucas, too, has suffered for something that should never have caused him such distress. With the help of some friends and the love of Kendra, he too may find his way into the light.

This story will really touch your heart and your soul.  Your heart will go out to these two individuals who should never have been considered disgraced.  They can be admired for how they carried on and did not allow their circumstances to defeat them.

Rating: 5 Stars

Publication Date: September 29, 2020

Published by: Zebra Books

Review: An Outlaw to Protect Her by Harper St. George


Publisher: Harlequin Historical

Date: August 21, 2018

Length 288 pages

ISBN:  978-1335051783

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Brothel Madam Glory Winters finds her past is not done with her.  Now in terrible danger, gunslinger Zane Pierce is just the man to keep her safe.  The only problem is that the two have an incredible chemistry going and being in such close quarters, Glory realizes more than her life is at stake, so too is her heart.


Both Zane and Glory had pasts that left them broken.  Glory’s past held an element of danger and now that danger was coming for her.  Zane’s past left him without faith.  Together Glory can restore that faith while Zane can keep Glory safe.


An Outlaw to Protect Her was a very exciting story.  It will keep you up at night turning the pages to see what happens next.  In addition, we also got to visit with some of our favorite characters from prior books.  The suspense of the action and knowledge of their pasts unfolded gradually and masterfully.  Harper St. George has become one of my favorite authors with her unique heroes and heroines as well as exciting and tense plots that ensnare you on page one.  Don’t miss An Outlaw to Protect Her.


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Review: What Ales the Earl by Sally MacKenzie

Publication Date: July 31, 2018

Publisher: Zebra

ISBN: 978-1420146714

Length: 352 pages

Rating: 5 Stars


Penelope Barnes knew an Earl would never marry a farmer’s daughter but she loved him and wanted him anyway.  Nine months later she found herself with a beautiful baby girl.  She knew she would do anything for that little girl.  She finds herself at The Home where she discovers she has a knack for horticulture.  She cultivates the hops needed to make a superlative ale.  To protect her daughter, she contemplates marrying the local vicar, even if he is less than pleasing.


Harry went off to fight for the crown unaware he had left behind a daughter.  Now he is back and, with the loss of his brother, is now the Earl.  He quickly tires of his duties and jumps at a chance to help a friend investigate an issue in Little Puddleton.  He finds something he would have never thought possible.  Now he must persuade Penelope that maybe they can have a future together.


What Ales the Earl is delightful tale from beginning to end.  Filled with humor and a healthy dose of reality to counter that,  Penelope and Harry will touch your heart and soul.  You can’t help but wish for a happy ending, even when it seems impossible amidst all the snares and traps they encounter.  An earl and a farmer’s daughter can never marry, or can they?


Pick up What Ales the Earl and be prepared to laugh and cry, but above all be prepared to be ensnared by the excellent story telling by Sally MacKenzie.  You cannot go wrong with What Ales the Earl.  It is perfect for those of us who enjoy Historical Romance with a touch of something more.

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Review: Once a Scoundrel by Mary Jo Putney


Gabriel comes from a long line of Naval men.  After he enlisted, he spent many years on the path to following in his family’s footprints.  Unfortunately one action caused him to be disgraced and discharged from The Navy.  His grandfather quickly disowned him, casting him adrift. Since the sea is all he knew, he makes a living in ways both legal and not, as the Captain of his own ship.  This makes him an excellent choice to ransom a young and beautiful aristocratic woman, captured by the Barbary pirates.


Lady Aurora “Rory” is not all happy at the prospect of life in a harem.  Gabriel is her only hope.  Together, they, along with a crew and others, embark on a perilous journey to obtain her freedom and that of others.  The close confines of the ship makes their desire for each other a different form of danger.  With so many dangers and uncertainties, their differences in station are the least of their issues.  First they must survive the journey if they are to explore their budding love.


Gabriel was a hero to dream of.  He was tolerant and considerate, as well as sexy and desirable.  Rory with her undeniable sparkle brought light and so much more to Gabriel.  Rory was determined to escape convention and marriage but found herself wanting more from Gabriel.  Surviving to explore options is beginning to look impossible.  But with a little help from his friends and the ladies, Gabriel does not give up.


Once a Scoundrel has an amazing plot which was action-packed and filled with danger.  Gabriel was an amazing hero and his determination knows no bounds. Rory was a perfect match for him.  Far from a simpering miss, her actions proved vital to the happily ever after.  There are two bonus love stories, making the reading that much better.  Romantic, delightful, compelling and intriguing are just a few of the descriptors that can be applied to Once a Scoundrel by Mary Jo Putney.  If you enjoy romance combined with action, adventure and danger than this one is perfect for you.  Don’t miss this one!  It is an incredible tale of love and perseverance.

Book Information:

Publisher: Zebra

Publication Date: September 25, 2018

Length: 368 pages

RATING 5 stars


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Review: Her Convenient Husband’s Return by Eleanor Webster


Beth had no choice but to accept the offer of marriage from her childhood friend, Ren.  She had to do something to get out of debt and her options were limited and some unpalatable.  She reluctantly agrees to marry Ren.  After marrying Beth, Ren turned around and went back to London, continuing his life as it was before.  Beth is not sure if she is happy about that or not.  She does not want to have any children as she is afraid she will pass on her blindness.  But nothing stays the same.  


Ren and Beth were beautiful together.  That just needed a bit of a push. Ren returned to his life in London after the marriage while Beth stayed behind and helped manage both her family’s and his family’s estates.  Life is often uncertain as Beth and Ren learn.  Circumstances change and the two now have more on their plates to work out.  Ren will have to work hard if they are to have a future together, and that includes convincing Beth.


Her Convenient Husband’s Return is a marvelous look at life when one has a handicap.  In most instances, life was very tough during that time for someone like Beth but she was lucky in both circumstance and determination.  Ren was an amazing hero.  He, too, had his own issues which prevented him from claiming Beth.  With each other’s help, they made it through and that is the key.  It was amazing to watch them work everything out and you are left with a big smile when the last page is read.  Wonderfully romantic with misunderstandings galore,  Her Convenient Husband’s Return will, indeed, capture you and your imagination.


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Information about the book:

Publisher: Harlequin Historical

Publication Date: August 1, 2018

Length: 288 pages


Review: A Lady Becomes a Governess by Diane Gaston

A Lady Becomes a Governess (The Governess Swap) by [Gaston, Diane]


Lady Rebecca Pierce wants more out of life than a loveless marriage.  She devises a way to do just that when the ship wrecks in a storm.  She assumes the identity of the young woman with similar looks she thought drowned in the wreck.  She takes the position of governess for Lord Brookmore, who is caring for his two nieces after the death of his brother and his wife.  She is extremely attracted to the viscount but knows nothing can come of it without revealing the truth about her identity.


Lady Rebecca was determined to have love in her marriage.  She did not want to be just for breeding.  When the opportunity arose, she decided to take on the life of a governess that she thought drowned in the ship wreck.  Her feelings for Lord Brookmore were inconvenient to say the least but those feelings were returned and Lord Brookmore had even more difficulty dealing with that.  Making their love work would require more that just love.  Are they up to it?  Pick up A Lady Becomes a Governess and find out for yourselves.  You will find yourself enchanted by a story filled with unexpected danger, deceit, betrayal and finally happiness and love.

Rating: 4.5 stars

Publisher: Harlequin Historical

Date: June 19, 2018

Length: 288 pages

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Review: An Honorable Seduction by Brenda Jackson


An Honorable Seduction

As a single man on his Navy SEAL team, David Halloway is given the dubious (later delicious) task of getting close to Swan Jamison.  Evidence has surfaced making her the center of a serious investigation.  His mission is to determine what is going on and whether or not Swan is involved.  He has no problem becoming acquainted and so much more with Swan but then the line is crossed and now David is worried about his own honor and his ability to do his job objectively.  He will do anything to prove her innocence but what will happen when she learns he is there under less than honorable conditions.  David has a choice to make and it will not be easy.


An Honorable Seduction is part of The Westmoreland Legacy.  We get to visit with the other members of this SEAL team and we learn again first hand what it means to have brothers like the ones on your SEAL team.  When David needed something, the other came running.  David soon learns that there is more to love than just brotherhood.  Love never felt so good for these two and they will need that love if David and Swan are to have a future.  I love how accepting everyone is of their love, as it should be always.  I wish we could have that everywhere.  David and Swan have everything they need to be successful but the journey is not easy.  Hop on for the ride as Brenda Jackson takes us deep into deceit and betrayal as well as love and acceptance.

Rating: 4.5 stars

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781335971470

Length: 224 pages

Date: 5/8/18

Cost: $5.25 (PB) and $3.99 (digital)

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