Review: A Lady Becomes a Governess by Diane Gaston

A Lady Becomes a Governess (The Governess Swap) by [Gaston, Diane]


Lady Rebecca Pierce wants more out of life than a loveless marriage.  She devises a way to do just that when the ship wrecks in a storm.  She assumes the identity of the young woman with similar looks she thought drowned in the wreck.  She takes the position of governess for Lord Brookmore, who is caring for his two nieces after the death of his brother and his wife.  She is extremely attracted to the viscount but knows nothing can come of it without revealing the truth about her identity.


Lady Rebecca was determined to have love in her marriage.  She did not want to be just for breeding.  When the opportunity arose, she decided to take on the life of a governess that she thought drowned in the ship wreck.  Her feelings for Lord Brookmore were inconvenient to say the least but those feelings were returned and Lord Brookmore had even more difficulty dealing with that.  Making their love work would require more that just love.  Are they up to it?  Pick up A Lady Becomes a Governess and find out for yourselves.  You will find yourself enchanted by a story filled with unexpected danger, deceit, betrayal and finally happiness and love.

Rating: 4.5 stars

Publisher: Harlequin Historical

Date: June 19, 2018

Length: 288 pages

To Buy:


Barnes and Noble


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