Review: Her Convenient Husband’s Return by Eleanor Webster


Beth had no choice but to accept the offer of marriage from her childhood friend, Ren.  She had to do something to get out of debt and her options were limited and some unpalatable.  She reluctantly agrees to marry Ren.  After marrying Beth, Ren turned around and went back to London, continuing his life as it was before.  Beth is not sure if she is happy about that or not.  She does not want to have any children as she is afraid she will pass on her blindness.  But nothing stays the same.  


Ren and Beth were beautiful together.  That just needed a bit of a push. Ren returned to his life in London after the marriage while Beth stayed behind and helped manage both her family’s and his family’s estates.  Life is often uncertain as Beth and Ren learn.  Circumstances change and the two now have more on their plates to work out.  Ren will have to work hard if they are to have a future together, and that includes convincing Beth.


Her Convenient Husband’s Return is a marvelous look at life when one has a handicap.  In most instances, life was very tough during that time for someone like Beth but she was lucky in both circumstance and determination.  Ren was an amazing hero.  He, too, had his own issues which prevented him from claiming Beth.  With each other’s help, they made it through and that is the key.  It was amazing to watch them work everything out and you are left with a big smile when the last page is read.  Wonderfully romantic with misunderstandings galore,  Her Convenient Husband’s Return will, indeed, capture you and your imagination.


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Information about the book:

Publisher: Harlequin Historical

Publication Date: August 1, 2018

Length: 288 pages


One thought on “Review: Her Convenient Husband’s Return by Eleanor Webster

  1. I don’t usually read in this genre, but it’s refreshing to see a cover other than a half naked Highlander or the like, lol.
    I love your blog title and banner! Different!


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