Review: Once a Scoundrel by Mary Jo Putney


Gabriel comes from a long line of Naval men.  After he enlisted, he spent many years on the path to following in his family’s footprints.  Unfortunately one action caused him to be disgraced and discharged from The Navy.  His grandfather quickly disowned him, casting him adrift. Since the sea is all he knew, he makes a living in ways both legal and not, as the Captain of his own ship.  This makes him an excellent choice to ransom a young and beautiful aristocratic woman, captured by the Barbary pirates.


Lady Aurora “Rory” is not all happy at the prospect of life in a harem.  Gabriel is her only hope.  Together, they, along with a crew and others, embark on a perilous journey to obtain her freedom and that of others.  The close confines of the ship makes their desire for each other a different form of danger.  With so many dangers and uncertainties, their differences in station are the least of their issues.  First they must survive the journey if they are to explore their budding love.


Gabriel was a hero to dream of.  He was tolerant and considerate, as well as sexy and desirable.  Rory with her undeniable sparkle brought light and so much more to Gabriel.  Rory was determined to escape convention and marriage but found herself wanting more from Gabriel.  Surviving to explore options is beginning to look impossible.  But with a little help from his friends and the ladies, Gabriel does not give up.


Once a Scoundrel has an amazing plot which was action-packed and filled with danger.  Gabriel was an amazing hero and his determination knows no bounds. Rory was a perfect match for him.  Far from a simpering miss, her actions proved vital to the happily ever after.  There are two bonus love stories, making the reading that much better.  Romantic, delightful, compelling and intriguing are just a few of the descriptors that can be applied to Once a Scoundrel by Mary Jo Putney.  If you enjoy romance combined with action, adventure and danger than this one is perfect for you.  Don’t miss this one!  It is an incredible tale of love and perseverance.

Book Information:

Publisher: Zebra

Publication Date: September 25, 2018

Length: 368 pages

RATING 5 stars


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