Review: An Outlaw to Protect Her by Harper St. George


Publisher: Harlequin Historical

Date: August 21, 2018

Length 288 pages

ISBN:  978-1335051783

Visit the Author  Harper St. Geeorge


Brothel Madam Glory Winters finds her past is not done with her.  Now in terrible danger, gunslinger Zane Pierce is just the man to keep her safe.  The only problem is that the two have an incredible chemistry going and being in such close quarters, Glory realizes more than her life is at stake, so too is her heart.


Both Zane and Glory had pasts that left them broken.  Glory’s past held an element of danger and now that danger was coming for her.  Zane’s past left him without faith.  Together Glory can restore that faith while Zane can keep Glory safe.


An Outlaw to Protect Her was a very exciting story.  It will keep you up at night turning the pages to see what happens next.  In addition, we also got to visit with some of our favorite characters from prior books.  The suspense of the action and knowledge of their pasts unfolded gradually and masterfully.  Harper St. George has become one of my favorite authors with her unique heroes and heroines as well as exciting and tense plots that ensnare you on page one.  Don’t miss An Outlaw to Protect Her.


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