Review: Her Gallant Captain at Waterloo by Diane Gaston

Publisher: Harlequin Historical

Publication Date: February 1, 22021

Pages: 238 pages

Rating 4.5 stars


Diane Gaston is truly blessed with her ability to bring to life history in the pages of her stories.  Her Gallant Captain at Waterloo does just that. Even with the possibility of battle looming, Lady Helene Barnes travels to Brussels to retrieve her irresponsible younger brother.  Her search for him brings her to Captain Rhys Landon, her former fiancé.  Rhys was not happy when their plans to marry were terminated, even if his now successful career in the military resulted.  Under less than a perfect situation they meet again and Rhys finds himself unable deny her the help she needs.  Spending time together brings back all the hidden feelings, but with everything going on can they build a life together?

The romance between Rhys and Helene grew under the looming threat of Napoleon’s return.  Reading the story took us back in time to an era we can only experience in the pages of a book.  It was exciting and adding in more than one romance made for an incredible story.  Life hardly ever goes as planned, a fact experienced by Helene and Rhys.  The ending was worth it all.  If you like historical romance with excitement, danger and a few twists than Her Gallant Captain at Waterloo is perfect for you.

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