Review: An Honorable Seduction by Brenda Jackson


An Honorable Seduction

As a single man on his Navy SEAL team, David Halloway is given the dubious (later delicious) task of getting close to Swan Jamison.  Evidence has surfaced making her the center of a serious investigation.  His mission is to determine what is going on and whether or not Swan is involved.  He has no problem becoming acquainted and so much more with Swan but then the line is crossed and now David is worried about his own honor and his ability to do his job objectively.  He will do anything to prove her innocence but what will happen when she learns he is there under less than honorable conditions.  David has a choice to make and it will not be easy.


An Honorable Seduction is part of The Westmoreland Legacy.  We get to visit with the other members of this SEAL team and we learn again first hand what it means to have brothers like the ones on your SEAL team.  When David needed something, the other came running.  David soon learns that there is more to love than just brotherhood.  Love never felt so good for these two and they will need that love if David and Swan are to have a future.  I love how accepting everyone is of their love, as it should be always.  I wish we could have that everywhere.  David and Swan have everything they need to be successful but the journey is not easy.  Hop on for the ride as Brenda Jackson takes us deep into deceit and betrayal as well as love and acceptance.

Rating: 4.5 stars

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781335971470

Length: 224 pages

Date: 5/8/18

Cost: $5.25 (PB) and $3.99 (digital)

To buy:


Barnes and Noble


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